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The club makes a number of awards of engraved cups and medals to members during the year in two ceremonies for the winter and summer events. These recognise the best absolute or handicap scores by its most successful archers both on a pre-determined Championship day and also over the course of the year.

Some gents recurve archer awards

Gents recurve archer trophies

There are separate awards for ladies and gentleman as well as juniors.

To see the winners, other than juniors, for the last several years, please open these files (pdf):

Summer awards:  2019 **  2018    2017.

Winter awards:     2018-19**  2017-18   2016-17.

Members are also awarded Personal Achievement badges based on their scores for Portsmouth and Frostbite competitions.

** From June 2019 we introduced a modified approach to awarding the ‘handicap' awards. These are now on an ‘unrewarded’ basis (similar to BLBS award scheme): that is, if an archer wins an award or medal in the ‘scratch’ competition he/she cannot also win an award/medal in the ‘handicap’ section. This is to allow more archers the opportunity to win awards and medals.

6 gold badge

If you get 6 golds in 1 end (eg gents : 80+ yards/70+ metres; ladies: 60+ yards/metres; juniors: based on age) you can claim a 6-gold badge from AGB. Can also get one for 6 clouts in 1 end. Longbow archers need only 3 golds/clouts in 1 end. These are awarded by Archery GB.

Club records

Andy, our Records Officer, has been entering all archers' results into software that enables us to determine who holds the Club Records ('Excel') based on bow style, round, age and gender. 

This was started in 2013 so there may well be Club archers with higher scores that were gained prior to this date.

Tournament Badges

Some tournaments may advertise if 'Record Status' applies to the shoot. If you attend these you may be eligible to a range of badges based on your score.

English Cross Badges can be claimed for scores made at any record status (UK or WRS) WA1440 (12 doz)or the relevant Metric round for juniors, shot in England. 

Rose award badges are awarded by Archery GB to archers shooting the appropriate longest 12 dozen Imperial rounds

AGB Arrow Awards for juniors (under 16) - need 4 scores, 1 of which must be at a tournament.

Tassel awards are available based on clout score.

WA Star/Arrow/Target badges may also available for world record status shoots.

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