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How do I …?

Here is some information archers may find useful for shooting or setting up themselves and their equipment for maximum efficiency. We recommend you also talk to coaches or experienced archers for advice.

Buy my first bow

If you are new to archery and are considering purchasing equipment: we recommend you read this document (pdf, 3.5Mb) and talk to a coach before spending your money. 

When you've bought your bow, arrows, etc., make a date with one of the coaches to check the set up and to get help tuning the equipment to its most efficient level for you.

Improve my performance

There's no substitute for experience and this will take practice. With good guidance, the time taken to demonstrate improving and improved performance (and, just as importantly, maintaining it) will be shorter and easier than being left to your own devices. However, this takes commitment and a genuine desire to learn. 

There is a large number of excellent published articles on various component parts of what makes a good archer - the key components being the archer and the bow/arrow set up. For detailed information visit the Performance page

As always, the Coaches (Dave, Gary, Jeff, Paul) are available and happy to assist archers select and set up equipment, tune bows, review technique, etc. We try to run structured “Improver’s sessions” during the year. You can also discuss your requirements and agree a time/place at the Club with a coach. 

Remove arrows from the target

First, make sure no one is behind you. Then grip the arrow at the point it enters the boss and pull straight out - in the the same plane at which it entered. You ought to use a proprietary arrow puller unless you want to struggle or risk splinters. The same applies to arrows in the ground.

What you must never do is move the arrow up, down, left, right or twist to assist its removal and avoid grabbing it further back the shaft. All of this risks stressing the arrow (bend/break), particularly wooden arrows. If you are not tall or strong enough, please ask for assistance. 

Can I shoot in my garden?

This is entirely up to you: If you feel confident that you have the expertise, equipment and facilities to prevent arrows going outside your boundary. Beware that neither your Archery GB member’s insurance nor your normal home insurance will cover you for any accidents. Such accidents may lead to prosecution and/or losing AGB membership.

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