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Info for members

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Click on the drop down menu or the links below for the information on:

Awards - trophies and medals for members shooting at Club competitions and their current classification, handicap and regularly updated score records. Also, information on awards available at external competitions;

Bow styles - what types of bow are out there;

Competition types - key characteristics and differences in various types of competition;

Rounds shot - AGB recognised rounds used in competitions;

How do I …? - useful information on how to set up equipment, etc; 

Performance - what you can do to improve your performance as an archer;

Who's who - your management committee and coaches;

Club clothing - various items in Club colours embroidered with the Club logo - wear your colours with pride;

Links - to archery organisations and retailers;

Our History - how we started, where we've been;

the Legal Stuff - as a 'company limited by guarantee’.

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