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Archery organisations

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National and regional organisations

Archery GB (AGB/GNAS) - the national organisation, part of World Archery

County of Surrey Archery Association/Surrey Archery (CSAA) - our county organisation

Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) - the region to which Surrey belongs

World Archery (was FITA) - the international organisation

British Longbow Society (BL-BS) - promotes traditional longbow competitions

English Archery Federation (EAF) -  works with AGB, runs tournaments in England and administer such English Awards deemed appropriate (e.g. English Crosses)

National Field Archery Society (NFAS) - for Big Game & 3D rounds. A number of Club members are also NFAS members. For more information on NFAS and other field archery organisations see this site.

Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS) - organises the Tassell award and classification scheme for Clout.

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